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[徵才] Scalable Labs誠徵Engineering Manager
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時間 Tue Sep 15 08:54:38 2020
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公司名稱,統編(中華民國以外註冊可免填):斯凱博有限公司 83627205 公司地址(填寫詳細至號):台北市松山區民生東路三段156號9樓 職缺:Engineering Manager 職缺能力經歷要求: - 流利的中英文能力(包含口說與書信) - 3+ years experience as an Engineering Manager with at least 10 direct reports - Background as a Software Engineer - Extensively experienced in web development using modern tools - Strong ideas on keeping a product development cycle on schedule without sacrificing code quality - Excellent communicator with engineers and stakeholders - Embraces the breadth of responsibilities in a rapidly growing startup - Passionate and deeply ambitious in achieving goals - Has a prodigious work ethic - Embraces difficult conversations 員工是否需自備工具? (是/否) : 否 薪資(年薪): TWD 3,000,000 ~ 3,500,000 薪資(保證最低年薪,必填項目): 13個月 年終獎金計算方式:全薪計算 ****以下工時與加班費必填,不填刪文水桶**** 工時:彈性上下班,每日工作時間8小時,每週工作時間40小時 (需符合國訂勞動基準法) 勞工正常工作時間,每日不得超過八小時,每週不得超過四十小時。 前項正常工作時間,雇主經工會同意,如事業單位無工會者,經勞資會議 同意後,得將其二週內二日之正常工作時數,分配於其他工作日。其分配 於其他工作日之時數,每日不得超過二小時。但每週工作總時數不得超過 四十小時。 (補休不算符合勞動基準法,需有加班費,否則仍算是違法) (須符合國訂勞動基準法) **無須加班仍須填寫加班費制度** **可直接填寫加班費比照勞基法,低於勞基法禁止發文** 加班費制度:比照勞基法 如雇主有使勞工每日工作時間超過8小時者,或單週超過40小時者,應依法給付加班 費,其標準為:(勞動基準法第24條) (1)延長工作時間在2小時以內者,按平日每小時工資額加給3分之1以上。 (2)再延長工作時間在2小時以內者,按平日每小時工資額加給3分之2以上。 補休使用需員工同意,經錄取員工檢舉無加班費,一律轉發勞動部進行勞動檢查。 工作環境與該職缺團隊介紹: We're looking for an experienced engineering manager to lead, manage, and inspire engineers to build the future of custom print production. We’re a Silicon Valley bootstrapped and profitable startup. Our growth comes from customers and sales in our diversified product range, not funding booms and busts. You’ll need to thrive in a fast-paced environment and be result-oriented to lead and grow our Engineering team in our Taipei office. This position will have autonomy to achieve our product and technical goals. Our office is at JustCo, Hong-Tai building. We have a 49-pax office along with our own meeting room and phonebooth. 工作福利: - 過試用期即享12天年假 - 上下班時間自我管理 - 彈性工作地點,想換個地方工作說一聲即可 - 舒服的辦公室,每個人都有大桌子 - 公司提供 Mac 或 Windows 筆電及23吋旋轉螢幕 (工程師配兩個螢幕唷) - 勞健保自付額公司幫你出,讓你除了稅金不用再被扣東扣西 - 端午及中秋獎金,保障年薪13個月 - 兩年一次高級健檢,健康的員工是我們最大的資產 - 團保(意外險+醫療險) - 每月通勤補貼,讓你下雨天不用冒雨騎車 - 零食飲料滿滿,高級瑞士咖啡機讓你隨時可以來一杯 - 公司提供免費午餐 - 放一天生日假 - 不定期聚餐與活動 - 各式活動與學習機會 公司介紹: Scalable Labs (Taipei Office) started at Aug 2019, powered by Scalable Press. Scalable Press was founded in Silicon Valley with an initial investment of just $2,000. Today, we’re on track to produce more than 12 million shipments across 185 countries. We’re bootstrapped, profitable, and rapidly expanding. We operate four B2C and B2B websites that are accessed by over 100 million visitors per year. Whether it’s embroidered dress shirts, all-over printed socks, or digitally printed t-shirts, we make it easier, cheaper, and faster to order customized goods than ever before. Key Facts: - Scalable Press has never raised funding; our company is bootstrapped and profitable. - We have over 300 employees globally - We’ve averaged triple-digit growth over the past 5 years. - Our diverse workforce represents 5 continents. - Our team has a 50:50 female to male ratio across the entire workforce, including the leadership team. 人資或徵才聯絡方式:可直接在官網上應徵 https://boards.greenhouse.io/scalablepress/jobs/4813887002 或寄信至招募信箱 Vivi, Operation Manager <[email protected]> Keriel, Technical Recruiter <[email protected]> -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Soft_Job/M.1600131280.A.A31.html
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