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[情報] 洛夫圖斯奇克:我缺乏持續的穩定表現,但仍對自己有信心
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https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/12609805/ruben-loftus-cheek -exclusive-chelsea-midfielder-building-confidence-from-consistent-run-under -thomas-tuchel Ruben Loftus-Cheek exclusive: Chelsea midfielder building confidence from consistent run under Thomas Tuchel Ben Grounds - Wednesday 11 May 2022 20:11, UK Standing on the brink of a new era at Chelsea, Ruben Loftus-Cheek is ready to play a leading role after several false dawns and says young players at the club can now see a pathway to the first team. https://i.imgur.com/6eevGAV.jpg
Todd Boehly, the American businessman, experienced an early taste of the melodrama that awaits him during Saturday's 2-2 draw with Wolves. But as the lead member of the consortium set to buy the club for £4.25bn slunk out of Stamford Bridge's West Stand in shock at how two points had been thrown away, he may well have taken solace in the performance of Chelsea's marauding midfield powerhouse. It would be an alarming collapse were Boehly's first season in charge not to involve competing in the Champions League - and Wednesday's encounter at Leeds, live on Sky Sports, offers another chance for Chelsea to take a significant stride towards achieving this objective. For Loftus-Cheek, the team's collective wobble has come at a time when he has been shifting through the gears. Denied the opener against Wolves by a marginal VAR call for offside, his overall display - his eighth start in the last 11 games - added to his recent resurgence. "I've been really happy with how I've played personally," Loftus-Cheek exclusively tells Sky Sports. "I had a bit of a niggle with my Achilles mid-season which stunted my progress a bit but I came back from that and I'm enjoying my football again. “我很高興自己目前的個人表現,在賽季中期的時候我的跟腱遇到了一點問題,這阻 礙了我,但是從傷病當中康復之後,我再次能夠享受我的足球。” "I'm really happy to have played in some big games in the Champions League and in the FA Cup. I want to keep this going and hopefully we'll get some big results soon. I'm taking on completely different responsibilities now. “我很高興能夠在歐冠和足總盃的重要比賽中出戰,我希望繼續保持這樣,但願我們 能夠取得勝利,現在我會承擔著完全不一樣的責任。” "Coming into Chelsea this season, I didn't know what to expect positionally. I've always seen myself as a midfielder but someone who can do jobs in different positions. “本賽季在切爾西我並不知道該去期待踢怎樣的位置,我一直把自己視為一名中場, 但同時也能客串其他的位置。” https://i.imgur.com/124fAw9.jpg
"It's something which I did coming through the ranks in the academy so I'm not completely foreign to them - and my skillset allows me to carry out those jobs so whenever I'm called upon to play a certain role, I'll do it to the best of my ability. “這是我在青年隊時期就經歷的事情,所以對此我並不陌生,我的技術允許我能夠去 踢特定的位置,一但有要求,我就會竭盡全力做好。” "I've been playing deeper in midfield which is completely different from the past six or seven years when I was more of an attacking player but I've always had defensive qualities so for me to switch the mindset and have a more defensive hat on is certainly different this season. “我踢過拖後中場,這和我在過去六、七年踢的位置都不一樣,以前我是一個進攻型 中場,但是我一直也擁有著防守的能力,所以本賽季對我而言,調整想法,更兼具防 守是不一樣的。” "I've enjoyed the challenge from right wing-back, to centre-back to the No 6 role in midfield. It is very different but I've enjoyed it." “我很享受客串右邊翼衛、中衛以及中場六號位的挑戰,這很不一樣,但是我對此很 享受。” Tuchel has an enviable record in reaching domestic and European finals since his appointment and Chelsea will be formidable opponents in this weekend's FA Cup final for Liverpool, who are in search of a historic Quadruple. Loftus-Cheek was on the scoresheet last month in the 2-0 win over Crystal Palace in the semi-finals and the club are preparing to reverse recent history in their third successive final appearance having lost on the last two occasions to Arsenal and Leicester. https://i.imgur.com/L1KeulU.jpg
While the road to Wembley is on the horizon, Loftus-Cheek acknowledges the side must make the short trip across the capital with momentum behind them. "We just couldn't get over the line against Wolves," he says, reflecting on the disappointment of last Saturday. "Every team in the Premier League is a tough game. It may not always be a passing team, but each team fights and every team has belief so even when they're 2-0 down away from home, they still fight until the very end. “我們就是無法擊敗狼隊。在英超對陣每支球隊都是艱難的比賽,不是每支球隊都以 控球為主,但他們都會奮戰、都有信念,即便在客場以0-2落後,每支球隊也都會努 力奮鬥到最後。” "You'd love to have a game done in the 60th minute but you rarely get that in this league! We went into the training ground the next day and I don't think the players saw it as a punishment at all. We came in and recovered. Sometimes it's better to do that when there's a short turnaround to another game. “你會希望在60分鐘就能夠殺死比賽,但在英超這很少會發生。我們在第二天就回到 了訓練場,我不認為大家把這視為是懲罰。我們回來進行康復訓練,在短時間內連續 作戰時,進行康復訓練是更好的。” "We had a chat amongst ourselves just to make sure we're all on the same page and the same wavelength going into the Leeds game. It's important for us to stay together." “我們進行了談話,來確保大家都保持一致,能夠用同樣的節奏來應對和里茲聯的比 賽,對於我們來說保持團結是很重要的。” This is not the ideal time to be heading to Elland Road, four days before an FA Cup final against a Liverpool side who will have had 24 hours extra rest - a point that Tuchel refused to be drawn on. Leeds have dropped into the Premier League relegation zone for the first time since October courtesy of an inferior goal difference to Burnley. But if Chelsea continue their recent poor league form with defeat in Yorkshire, Arsenal could move to within a point of third place with victory at Tottenham on Thursday. Loftus-Cheek agrees with Tuchel's assertion that the next game is always the most important, blocking out the Wembley showpiece until after the events in Leeds have unfolded. "We're used to these turnarounds now," he says. "We've played in all the competitions this season towards the latter stages and at a top club, you have to be able to switch your focus onto the closest game. For us, all of our focus is on Leeds and getting the job done. “我們已經習慣了這樣的比賽密度,本賽季我們踢了所有賽事的比賽,在賽季的最後 階段,身為頂級俱樂部,你需要能夠轉換自己的思緒,集中精神在下一場比賽。對我 們而言,目前所有的關注點都在同里茲聯的比賽上。” "Qualifying again for the Champions League is huge. This club deserves to be in the competition every season and we want to reflect that again in the final few games as for the most part we've been fantastic - especially in Europe. We want to get this over the line." “再次鎖定歐冠席位對我們來說是很重要的,這家俱樂部配得上在每個賽季都參加歐 冠,我們希望能夠在最後幾場比賽當中反應這一點。在本賽季大多數時候我們都做得 很棒,尤其是在歐冠當中,我們希望成功衝線。” Loftus-Cheek comes from a footballing family. Carl and Leon Cort are half-brothers of the Chelsea midfielder - something he only found out in later life. Still only 26, he grew up idolising Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry - but having scored his first goal for Chelsea since May 2019 in the win against Palace, the midfielder is finally establishing himself as an important cog in Tuchel's team. When in full flow, there are very few opponents who can compete with his power and athleticism. His close control and driving runs have been a feature of his game ever since a young age, but it is now being seen more consistently. It has been a career punctuated by injuries, two Premier League loans and a variety of positions, but Loftus-Cheek is experiencing a new lease of life under Tuchel having found a new role under the German which indicates he may yet have a bright future at Chelsea. Speaking ahead of the Leeds game, Tuchel revealed the club's ongoing takeover has acted as a "distraction" - not an excuse, but a reason for a poor run of results. The side still need four more points to be assured of Champions League football next season - something which looked to have been cemented prior to the March international break. Since then, the Blues have taken just eight points from their last possible 21, and Loftus-Cheek has called on his team-mates to show a strong response at the start of an important week. "These are the kind of things that as an elite athlete you have to try to block out," he admits when asked about the sanctions and the sale of the club. “這些是精英運動員必須得忽略的東西。” "These are the challenges that you have to deal with, the stuff that happens on the outside. These things are out of our control and as players, you have to try your best to deal with it. “這是你需要應對的挑戰,這些外界的東西。這些並不在我們球員的控制範圍當中, 你只能盡力去應對。” "In this particular situation, there's been things going on that have meant that we as a team have needed to stick together and focus on what we need to do in the Premier League and in the FA Cup. “在這種特殊的時期裡,我們全隊都需要凝聚在一起,這也是我們在英超和足總盃當 中需要專注的。” https://i.imgur.com/33GKrSx.jpg
"At the time [the UK government imposed sanctions on Chelsea], we got together and spoke about the need to stay focused. It's not easy, but we have to try not to worry about what's happening on the outside and let the club sort that out. All we can do is the best we can on the pitch and I feel we have done this at times. “在英國政府制裁切爾西的時候,我們保持了團結以及專注,儘管這並不容易,但是 我們必須得試著不去擔心外界發生的事情,讓俱樂部來應對。我們能做的只有在場上 竭盡全力,我感覺我們做到很多次了。” "We're going through a rough patch at the moment, but I think given the circumstances we've done really well to play through it." Tuchel has never doubted the Loftus-Cheek's natural footballing ability, giving a prescient message to the player on the eve of the FA Cup semi-final with Crystal Palace in which his opening strike set Chelsea on their way to victory. The Chelsea boss said on the eve of the game: "[His career] has been so promising, but it has always been like, will he have his breakthrough? Now, will he have his breakthrough? "He is at a certain age now, and he's never had his breakthrough, everybody is still waiting, still waiting for the next step and the next step. "So for him, it's crucial, crucial, crucial to focus on the very day he is in. It can be a huge distraction to think a week ahead, two weeks ahead, or a month ahead about what can be. There could have been so much more, and it does not make sense to worry because he is where he is. https://i.imgur.com/8mL4en1.jpg
"We speak a lot about this. He is gifted to be here, and it is a huge, huge opportunity. He has everything that it takes - he wouldn't play, or we wouldn't count on him otherwise - but he has heard this for many years, maybe too much. "He heard this throughout the academy levels. Through the loans, everybody was telling him how good the potential is and how big a future there can be. But the future is only there if you live up to it in the present. "He needs to trust himself. With him, it's not overconfidence with him, it's the opposite. He needs to get confidence in his body physically and his ability to do this [type of performance] not once or twice, but three, four, ten, twenty times." Loftus-Cheek has all the tools - "it's in him", insists Tuchel - to become one of the Premier League's most complete midfielders. Chelsea self-destructed against Wolves, but is it an issue of self-confidence that has held the player back? "He's right," Loftus-Cheek says when Tuchel's words are relayed to him. "As a player, it's consistency that gives you the confidence. It's not something I've always had. I've always had confidence in my ability and I know about my potential. “圖赫爾是對的,作為一名球員,持續的穩定表現會給你信心,一直以來我都不曾擁 有過,不過我對自己的能力和潛力一直都有信心。” "I know how good I can be, but you need that consistency. You can't just have immense confidence without playing regularly. It just doesn't go hand in hand. When you start getting that consistency of playing, you start to feel good in your body and then the confidence comes through that. “我知道自己可以變得多麼優秀,但你需要穩定的表現。當你沒有得到常規的比賽機 會時,你就無法擁有巨大的信心。而當你能夠拿出持續穩定的表現時,你會開始對自 己的身體感到很棒,同時信心也會隨之到來。” "I've always kept a vision. I still believe in what I want to achieve in football and my confidence is building now. I want to keep that momentum going. “我仍然相信自己在足球領域想要實現的東西,現在我的信心也在逐漸建立,我希望 保持這樣的勢頭。” https://i.imgur.com/yvPapFW.jpg
"If you're coming through from the Under 18s or Under 23s, just training with the first team can help so much. You can soak in so much information, but it does reach a point where you've played with the first team for a bit and you feel you can handle that level then for sure there's no substitute for playing regularly - whether that's in the Championship or a different country. “如果你是從U18和U23梯隊一路踢上來,跟隨一線隊一起訓練也會帶來很大的幫助, 你能吸收到許多訊息,但和一線隊一起參加比賽一陣子後,你會感到自己能夠應對這 樣的水平,接著不論是在英冠還是國外,持續出賽是無可替代的。 "You just need to get that stimulus of playing every week, and that's the foundation of your footballing knowledge. It helps you to better understand your body. I didn't necessarily have that consistency growing up so it was very difficult for me to have that base of fitness and confidence in myself but everyone has a different journey." “你需要每週都得到比賽的機會,這是你足球知識的基礎,這會幫助你更好地了解自 己的身體。在成長的道路上我並沒有這樣的穩定性,因此對我而言保持那樣的健康和 信心都是很難的,不過每個人都有不同的道路。” Ensuring the next Ruben Loftus-Cheek emerges from Chelsea's much-coveted academy is on the agenda for the club's new owner. The Under-23s narrowly avoided relegation from Premier League 2 at the weekend after victory over Tottenham ended a season of struggle for last term's runners-up. The club can only hope it is a blip. Age-group football has a tendency to be cyclical. Lifting the Under-16 Premier League Nationals Cup points towards a brighter future, but the re-emergence of Loftus-Cheek is a timely reminder for Boehly not to neglect the stars of tomorrow. "Chelsea have always brought through talent and made talent coming through the ranks," says Loftus-Cheek. "For me, maybe I didn't really have anyone to look up to. Other than John Terry, there weren't players coming through from the academy to the first team regularly. “切爾西一直都在引進天賦出色的球員並且層層升級,對我而言或許當時我並沒有可 以遵從的人,除了特里以外就沒有青訓球員能夠成為常規主力。” "I didn't have the idol to look up to and see where I could go but now you see the players who have reached the first team and hopefully the boys can see there is a pathway and see it can be done in different ways. You might not just go straight through, you might have to go on loan, but the pathway is there to end up in the Chelsea first team. “儘管當時我並沒有能仰望的偶像,但是如今你可以看到有許多青訓球員都躋身了藍 軍一線隊,但願這些孩子們能夠看到一條路,這條路或許不是筆直的,你需要經歷租 借,但是殊途同歸,最終的目的地都是切爾西一線隊。” "Hopefully we can inspire those boys in the Under-23s and below that it can be done." “但願我們能夠激勵這些U23和以下的孩子們,希望夢想成真。” Tapping into Cobham's elite production line which continues to develop players ready for top-flight football should be at the very centre of this brave new dawn. Loftus-Cheek made his senior England debut in November 2017, collecting the man-of-the-match award in a 0-0 draw against Germany at Wembley and receiving widespread acclaim. It was the first of 10 caps yet becoming an emblem of Gareth Southgate's team was derailed by setback after setback, forcing him to withdraw from each England squad during the 2018/19 campaign before he suffered a ruptured Achilles in May 2019 to rule him out for over a year. Having been part of Southgate's England squad for the 2018 World Cup, the prospect of representing his country in Qatar may not currently be at the forefront of his thoughts, but it remains a clear target between now and the end of the year. "It's always a dream for me to play for England at a World Cup so it was an incredible experience to be part of the squad in 2018 off the back of my first full Premier League season at Crystal Palace. I was feeling good but I've not been in the fold now for a while. I still want to play for England and I still believe my qualities will allow me to. “對我而言代表英格蘭征戰世界盃一直都是夢想,在2018年的時候憑藉著在水晶宮迎 來第一個完整的英超賽季,我得以參加世界盃。不過目前我已經有一段時間沒有入選 代表隊了,我仍然希望為英格蘭踢球,我也仍然相信我的能力允許我這樣做。” "I'll keep pushing but the focus right now is on getting a top-four finish and winning the FA Cup with Chelsea." “我會繼續努力,但是目前的關注點是前四席位以及贏下足總盃。” Ruben Loftus-Cheek is re-imposing himself at just the right time. https://bbs.hupu.com/53589599.html -- KTBFFH -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Chelsea/M.1652507016.A.F79.html