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https://reurl.cc/d5OKm2 https://apkmetro.com/how-a-fortunate-few-airlines-profit-in-a-pandemic-lots-of-cargo/ How a Fortunate Few Airlines Profit in a Pandemic: Lots of Cargo The one main airways making a living lately are busy flying cargo, not passengers. Of the world’s 30 largest airways by income, simply 4 reported earnings for the April-June quarter, in keeping with a WSJ evaluation. They’re all primarily based in export-heavy South Korea or Taiwan, benefiting from the surge in demand for tech parts and digital devices as extra folks do business from home, and for private protecting tools, a lot of it produced in Asia. Persevering with demand for vehicle elements and different Asia-made items has additionally helped. 國際上 30 大營收的航空公司只有四家 Q2 報告收益,而且他們都是以出口為主的南韓及 臺灣。主要是因應在家上班所需要的科技及數位需求及有一些保護的工具都產自亞洲。 The evaluation excluded some main carriers that didn’t report latest quarterly earnings. Industrywide cargo income is predicted to succeed in about $111 billion this 12 months, in keeping with the commerce group Worldwide Air Transport Affiliation. That’s solely a slight uptick from its pre-pandemic forecast, however the plunge in passenger income—IATA has slashed its 2020 forecast to $241 billion from an preliminary $581 billion—means cargo’s contribution would characterize greater than 1 / 4 of complete trade income, in contrast with the standard eighth. IATA 預計 2020 年貨運會從本來只佔 1/8 的比例變成超過 1/4。 原本預估是 5810 億結果現在看起來可能只有 2410 億 (貨運佔 1110 億) For the 4 airways that confirmed a revenue within the newest quarter— Korean Air Lines Co., Asiana Airlines Inc., China Airlines Ltd. and EVA Airways Corp. —cargo’s share of income ranged from 72% at Korean Air to 93% at China Airlines, in contrast with not more than a 3rd final 12 months. 貨運佔營收比重從大韓的 72% 到華航的 93%,跟過去十二個月比較可能只有 1/3。 大韓 (72%)-韓亞/長榮 (?%)-華航 (93%)。 When the pandemic hit, it worn out some 40% of the world’s capability for air cargo carried within the bellies of passenger planes, in keeping with the commerce group IATA. Loads of airways seemed to fill the hole and increase cargo capability because the pandemic triggered mass layoffs and widespread flight cancellations and led governments to supply greater than $120 billion in assist. They’re utilizing passenger planes for cargo operations briefly, stashing freight in overhead bins and buckling it into seats or eradicating seats altogether. Vacationers aren’t allowed aboard with cargo within the cabin. 大流行突如其來造成了全球約 40% 的空運量因客機停飛而消失。許多航空公司盡可能的 提升自身的貨運運輸能力來彌補虧損,除了資遣員工跟接受國家資助外,也盡可能讓客機 載貨,包括把貨物綁在座位上或者是直接拆座位。而有客艙內載運貨的客機不能同時間有 乘客。 The 4 carriers that confirmed earnings loved positive aspects as a result of they already had sizable cargo fleets. The revenue increase got here from the low provide of world airfreight capability that despatched the price of delivery items on widespread routes from Asia to the U.S. or Europe hovering; they’ve elevated much less going the opposite approach. IATA’s newest figures present capability nonetheless a couple of third beneath final 12 months’s ranges. 這四間有確認收益的航空公司本身就有一定數量的貨機。營收增加主要還是從亞洲到歐美 的貨運空間急速下降造成價格上漲 (反向則沒有漲太多)。 Charges have fallen from latest highs, in keeping with TAC Index, a market researcher, and trade analysts say they need to decline additional later this 12 months—although demand for delivery Covid-19 vaccines may disrupt that. Seoul-based Korean Air just lately eliminated passenger seats on two planes and has plans to quickly modify two extra, mentioned Eum Jae-dong, the pinnacle of the airline’s cargo enterprise division. One surprising profit: Regulators nonetheless deal with them as passenger flights, which means items can now fly to sure cities, like Yangon, Myanmar, beforehand tough to succeed in for cargo fleets. 大韓近期才將兩架客機的座位全數拆除,也計畫再拆兩架客機的座位。有趣的是,監管 者還是把這些拆除座位的客機當成是客機,所以有些本來不適合用貨機飛的航點,像是 仰光,現在就可以直接用客機載貨過去。 “They will fly into airports and different locations the place cargo plane couldn’t go due to airport situations or the dearth of operational tools,” Mr. Eum mentioned. 有些航點本身不具備讓一般貨機起降的要素或者是沒有足夠的器具可以營運就可以使用 客機直接載運貨過去。 However their benefit can be their limitation. Underneath aviation guidelines, a modified passenger airplane can’t make a number of stops as an airfreight airplane, in keeping with Kim Yu-hyuk, an analyst at Hanwha {Investment} & Securities Co. in Seoul. They will make solely spherical journeys, as they sometimes would whereas carrying passengers. 當然客機有客機本身的限制,包括他沒有辦法起降多個航點。 通常客機只能來回載運貨物,然後順便載一些客人。 Routes for airfreight carriers from South Korea and Taiwan sometimes start with transporting regionally made high-value digital parts to China or Southeast Asia. There, the parts are dropped off and the airplane picks up completed merchandise to fly to Europe or North America. On the way in which again residence, the planes typically carry recent meals and prescribed drugs. 南韓跟臺灣的航空業走的運輸模式是先將高價位的產品或半成品在區內運送,運輸模式可 能是東南亞往返中國。然後完成的產品在飛去歐美。那從歐美回來的產品可能是一些處方 籤的藥物或者是一些有保存期限的食物等等。 運輸模式:東南亞/中國 (高科技產品) <-南韓/臺灣-> 歐洲/北美 (食物/藥物) U.S. airways, regardless of having the federal authority to take action, largely haven’t eliminated seats to fly extra cargo, partly as a result of most flights are home, utilizing narrower-body planes that lack vital cargo capability, trade consultants say. 那美國的航空公司除了有許多法規需要通過才能夠以客機當貨機飛的問題外,比較大的問 題其實是因為主要還是營運國內線,使用的飛機都是小飛機,能夠載運的貨物十分有限, 所以也沒有去積極的拆座位。 Nonetheless, U.S. carriers began cargo-only flights utilizing simply the bellies of their planes firstly of the pandemic and have now flown hundreds of them—1,200 since February for Delta Air Lines Inc. alone, which now averages about 50 every week, a spokesman mentioned. The airline did take away seats from one Boeing 777-200ER, boosting its cargo capability by 35%. The airplane was first used on Sept. 11 for a cargo constitution flight between Mumbai and New York. Delta, which is retiring its 777 fleet, has no present plans to reconfigure extra planes, the spokesman mentioned. 不過美國業者還是有開始在用他們客機的貨艙開始載運,其中達美有拆了一架 777-200ER 的座位,讓該機型的貨運乘載量上升 35% (9/11 開始營運 紐約-孟買)。 Seats have additionally come out at Air Canada —on three 777-300ERs—and European carriers reminiscent of International Consolidated Airlines Group SA ’s British Airways and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. China Southern Airways Co. reconfigured two Airbus A330 passenger planes. Dubai-based Emirates, which has one of many world’s largest air-cargo fleets, has ripped out economic system seats on 10 passenger jets since June. 其他航空公司也有開始在拆座位,包括加航拆了三架 777-300ER、南航拆了兩架 A330、 阿聯酋則是從六月起開始拆了十架。 “The airline trade remains to be bleeding money by the billions every month, ” mentioned Tim Clark, president of privately held Emirates, in a written assertion. “We’re taking child steps on the trail to restoration.” The shift to cargo is a stopgap measure, say aviation consultants. “The core competency for passenger airways is to serve passengers,” mentioned Bijan Vasigh, of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College in Daytona, Fla., who focuses on airline economics. However about three billion fewer passengers are anticipated to fly this 12 months than final, with airways decreasing out there seats by about half—by about two-thirds on worldwide routes—in keeping with the U.N.-affiliated Worldwide Civil Aviation Group. 主要營運客運的航空公司當然還是要服務客人才能正常營運,但是預計今年的這 12 個月 約少了近 30 億的旅客人次,所以以客運為主的航空公司每個月都還在燒錢。 像航空業每個月都要失血約幾十億,但能恢復的狀況就跟小孩在學走路一樣,十分有限。 In the meantime, for the April-June quarter Korean Air reported an working revenue of $90 million, hometown rival Asiana Airways $19 million, Taiwan’s EVA Airways $6 million and China Airways, additionally from Taiwan, $92 million—greater than 4 instances what it had earned a 12 months earlier. 在這期間,以四到六月 (Q2) 的營收報告來看,大韓 9000 萬、韓亞 1900 萬、長榮 600 萬、華航 9200 萬,四家剛好都比去年同期營收還要來的高。 This month, Korean Air deployed its first modified Boeing 777-300ER; eradicating most of its 291 cabin seats added 10.eight tons of capability to its earlier restrict of 22 tons, the airline mentioned. The newly cleared cabin and stomach have been filled with bins of vehicle elements, clothes and electronics gadgets. 這個月韓航開始營運他第一架拆座位的 777-300ER,增加了約 10 噸的乘載力。 “South Korean carriers have a geographical benefit being plugged right into a location that produces items,” mentioned Mr. Kim, the Hanwha analyst. “ The identical applies to Taiwanese carriers.” 南韓航空業有著地理上的優勢且也是主要出口的國家,而臺灣航空業也是。 隨便翻翻,WSJ 的文章在 PAYWALL 後面所以找了這篇。 ※ 引述《Midiya (還是當學生好啊... (茶))》之銘言: : [媒體名稱] 中時 [新聞日期] 2020/10/28 : [網址] https://tinyurl.com/y3qpgnqh : [內文] : 新冠疫情重創全球各航空公司,但全球30大航空公司中,只有4家航空公司賺錢,其中台 : 灣就占了一半,主要是半導體是台灣主力產業,在半導體等電子零組件多用空運下,不管 : 是華為的急單,或是蘋果新機大量出貨,都讓已經吃緊的空運市場,頓時熱了起來,特別 : 是華為拉貨效應上,更是讓有主場優勢的華航、長榮靠著兩岸貨運大賺,扭轉慘賠厄運( : 註,華航Q2稅前賺21.3億元,長榮Q2虧6.24億,但貨運營收卻大幅成長137%,致虧損縮 : 小)。 : 中美貿易戰引發一波拉貨潮,航空承攬龍頭中菲行分析,不管是華為急單,或是蘋果新機 : 大量出貨,都讓已吃緊的空運市場,面臨更無艙可用壓力,尤其華為、蘋果「都是整架飛 : 機包起來」,且不惜成本,其他廠商想把貨塞上飛機,自然就得掏更多錢。 : 這波航空運價漲幅有多誇張?以遠東到北美線為例,疫情前每公斤約100元,有時候甚至 : 跌到7、80元,疫情最劇的5月間,竟飆出500元的歷史天價,讓業界看傻了眼,之後雖一 : 度滑落至200元,如今又漲回350元附近。 : 中菲行解釋,這波航空運價一路飆漲,主要是宅經濟與資通產品需求升溫、廠商訂單增加 : ,但市場貨機運能有限,逼不得已動用客機載貨,不過用客機載貨,運費至少得攤平沒載 : 客損失,自然居高不下,更讓華航、長榮航業績獲得一定支撐。 : 空運運能吃緊,海運也差不多。原本因為疫情影響,貿易需求降溫,各海運業者只得縮艙 : 以力保運價,沒想到5月後復工後,防疫物資、居家辦公、工廠復工、跨境電商及旺季補 : 貨潮全擠在一起,如今是缺艙又缺櫃。 : 儘管海運運價漲幅,沒有空運那麼誇張,但也較疫情發生前漲了1倍,海運業者更樂觀認 : 為,由於疫情短期內無解,且有再起趨勢,全球海運市場缺櫃將延續到明年農曆年前,且 : 若還有防疫物資補給,貨多到根本載不完。 : [心得] : 新聞第一段"全球30大航空只有四間賺錢"的資料不知道哪裡來的,請問有人可以提供嗎? : 版上前面也有文章討論"國泰慘兮兮 為何長榮華航還增班", : 總結來看,應該是因為客機占整體的比例+所在地的貨物空運需求是影響主因, : 不知道我這樣理解對嗎....? -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Aviation/M.1603866919.A.5F7.html
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